St. Petersburg Public Library System now provides web printing to all of our library locations.

  • Verify that your file is one of the supported formats.
  • Select the location to the right that you want to print to or:
  • If you want to print an email or email attachment you will need to forward the email to the email address provided for each copier below. B/W is for printing just in black and white (.15 cents per page) and color is for printing in color (.35 cents per page). Once the email is sent you will receive a release code in your email. Then you can pick your prints up at the copier.
  • Next choose prints in black and white (.15 Cents per page) or color (.35 Cents per page)
  • Make sure to provide a valid email address since a copy of your release code will be sent there. This code is needed to retrieve your print job from the copier
  • Next select browse to upload a file, or copy and paste the URL of a website that you would like to have printed. Please be patient as large print jobs may take longer to load
  • Once the print job has been uploaded you will be provided with the release code for your print job. Save this as you will need it to print your job
  • Once you are at the copier select the "Other Functions" or "Wireless Printing" button on the copier
    • Press the box that you would enter the code into.
    • Then with the keypad or onscreen keyboard enter the code and press OK on the top right hand corner of the screen.
    • On the release code screen press the arrow button to enter the code.
    • Place the money needed in the coin box and then press "Print".
    • Your job will begin to print then press the “Logout” button on the screen to end your session (session will time out in 60 seconds)