Wireless @ the St. Petersburg Library System


Wi-fi access is now available at all branches.
(For information about wireless access at West Community Library, call 341-7199, option 3.)

I can’t connect to the internet.

Make sure you double check the setup instructions and your wireless configuration to make sure all settings are correct. Reboot your laptop after you have made the changes to finish the configuration.

Make sure you have used all CAPS on the SSID in your wireless configuration referencing the setup instructions for the SSID name, and WEP or any security settings disabled on the wireless card.

Make sure you have your network settings for your wireless network card set to DHCP or dynamic addressing. This also includes the DNS section.

Some websites are slower than others.

This may be related to the website you are trying to access and not the library’s network. Please feel free to email us at webmail.library@stpete.org to report any problems. Using a wireless card that supports the wireless-G standard will provide faster speeds than a Wireless-B card. Wireless-N is currently available at our Main Library only.

I can not download and install software from the web. Wireless access is filtered by our internet filtering software and has the same restrictions as our desktop machines located in the library.

I can't get into my email.

Only Internet email such as Gmail or Yahoo mail is supported by the wireless network. You will not be able to use your Outlook or other email software that is on your machine.

If you are having problems connecting to your webmail provider please check with your provider's Help web pages to see if there is any settings that are required for access. They might require certain settings in your browser to be set.

I can't sign in to an HTTPS page (for example, email or bank login pages).

1.) Make sure your browser is set to "Accept All Cookies." In Internet explorer this is under internet options, and the privacy tab.
2.) Make sure JavaScript is enabled in your browser.
3.) If your browser supports P3P privacy settings (for example, Internet Explorer 6.0 or Netscape 7.0), make sure your P3P setting is medium or low (not high).

I can't access the Library databases.

You will need a valid library card and password to access our databases. Please ask a staff member to help you obtain a card or determine why the card you have is not working.